So good at what she does. Informative, kind and caring. Very calming personality.


Her additions, suggestions, and imaginative methods of preparation made everything so much better. Almost miraculous. My tummy is happy thanks to her work. She is a great asset.


She was super nice, friendly and extremely informative during our visit. She is very organized and encouraging


She is an expert. She is patient. She is extremely professional.


My new diet has been life changing for me. I can enjoy more food and not be sick. I am so glad I made an appointment with Mallory. I finally felt listened to and not brushed off. I was glad someone actually said how I was feeling was not normal. She made my life better.


Mallory’s assessment of the dietary changes that were needed to improve my symptoms was accurate. Symptoms resolved after following her recommendations for three weeks. The handouts she provided were very helpful.


Mallory gave me my life back. The diet provided made life worth living again. I finally started feeling back to myself. I had no idea just how badly I was feeling until I started feeling better. I will be forever grateful that I found her.