What is Diet Therapy?

Just like other medical professionals, I’m a true advocate of the“patient first” approach to healthcare.

As a registered dietitian, trust me: A “one size fits all” response to your particular digestive disorder is not possible, advisable, or frankly, worth your time.

Your initial consultation will focus on the role diet therapy can play in your recovery and well-being. Following a review of your GI diagnosis, we will work together to develop realistic approaches to meal plans and goals specifically tailored for your lifestyle.

A member of your support system is welcome to “sit in.” Not only are they a valuable part of your support system, they are often part of your meal prep or other food-based decisions, as well.

Typically, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled after three or four weeks. At that time we’ll assess how you’ve been feeling and what barriers you have encountered. In other words, we’ll problem-solve…together!
At any point between appointments I am always available for questions by phone/email. As I go along, we will assess the need for future follow-up appointments and/or phone calls to keep track of your progress or make adjustments. Ultimately, I want to prevent or reduce medications for your health issues by helping you make changes to your diet and lifestyle.